Less than professional quality DVD

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I think the biggest thing is that it does suck you where lied to, and it is border-line illegal to sell something that says "30 minutes behind the scenes" and a "Bonus track from MJR" for that part I really say, everyone bitch'em out, since it seems to have happend alot with Paradise Lost, mind you we've come to learn its not mods fault or the bands, but management, and you guys really should make a stink about being lied to. ESPECIALLY IF YOU PAID XTRA. However whinning about dvd quality, its meerly an extra...they've never done it before take it for what it is and don't bitch more than we have to!

I should've read this thread before ordering one with the DVD via AMAZON.
According to order-confirmed mail, it will take 3to5 weeks to be delivered.
Now doom's on the way, but sometimes too-much-expectation ruins things more than they should be, so I decided to assume the DVD is no more than a plastic disc at the moment.:p
OK......According to Glen at Progpower usa....The dvd version was not intended for the US and the dvd was "free" elsewhere.We here in the states paid a premium to get the disc as distributors had to pay more for it. That's ok with me but it was still misrepresented.

Anyway...the cd kicks as and that is really the most important thing.
i expected a 30 minute documentary and a bonus track, as advertised.

it was clear in the beginning of july or even earlier that there will be "home videos" to see on the DVD, since numerous stores wrote the content of the DVD on their page (And on the German Inside Out site)
The label misrepresented the contents and promised content that wasn't there (some of which was never actually ever intended, and some of which was an idea early on but never came to fruition; how these ended up being advertised is really still a mystery). That's on the label.

FYE was the only US vendor who got the dvd version as a domestic release, other US vendors had to pay import prices for it, but apparently failed to market it as such. So fans thought the higher cost was due to the dvd, not the import prices, and (rightfully) complained about the quality of a dvd they thought they'd paid extra for (if FYE charged more as well, then you need to go complain to them; the dvd was meant to be free & they had no right to charge more for it, since the band won't see a penny of that extra cost). That's on the vendors.

All in all this was a messed up situation and the responsibility lies with multiple entities, and sadly it's the band who looks lame in the end for something they had no control over..not cool. But it should not overshadow the release itself; this is a stellar cd, so let's get back to the music, shall we?

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