Opeth guitar lesson


Sep 2, 2003
Long Island
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I don't know if everyones already heard of it, but there is an 11 minute video in which Opeth themselves give a pretty detailed guitar lesson on how to play "The Drapery Falls". I found it on Kazza and you might be able to find it on Guitar.com. I thought it was cool as hell and just wanted to let everyone know about it who didn't already. \m/
Yeah... There are two halfs of the lesson, each coming in different files. The first is the soft half, the second is the heavy half. Don't think you downloaded two of the same when you watch the second half, as Mike, Peter, and Martin play Credence at the beginning of each file. Even before that, you hear the album version of The Drapery Falls being played over a live clip of them playing a song that is clearly different, if you watch the guitar movement. I do not recognize the show, though! I want the bootleg! Wah! :p