Opeth involved on James Murphy's Death tribute album


Apr 5, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
James caught my interest when he said that he was down in Sweden recording the Opeth guys. Whilst unfortunately there's no Opeth album studio update for us, we do now know that 3 of the guys are involved on the upcoming Death tribute. Orsm.

i'm not involved in the new Opeth at all.. i'm here recording 3 of the guys for the Death tribute CD i've been working on, which is why i was at Andy LaRoque's a few days back and then at In Flames' studio right after that. not to mention being for 2 weeks at Mr Sneap's studio where for the very same project i have recorded guys from both Carcass and Napalm Death. i will be returning to Backstage right after i leave here actually in order to mix the project for Andy's old Sabbat singer, Martin Walkyier, that i tracked the majority of the vocals for when i was just recently there.

sorry, no Opeth "studio" reports from me, that would be a "party foul"... you'll have to wait to get it from them.. i will tell you though that it's sounding great!

Cheers dude.
Yes I have read that too. That would be pretty interesting to listen to.

Of course it rules!!

<crimson> said:
Yeah I knew about a half year ago Lopez was going to be on it, but now 3 are going to be on it? That should be cool. I wonder who isn't going to be on it?

and yes, Death rule, clearly :)
George said:
You wouldn't want to hear it?

Only acoustically.

*purple lights on akerfeldt*

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeee philosopher....you know so much *whisper* about nothing at all.
Alternative 3 said:
I go to an Opeth concert to hear Opeth songs.

Well, I'd go to a Death concert to hear Death songs....but for some reason I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. So I'll take a Death song from Opeth anytime!
Wow, some of you guys really have a knack for totally convoluting a simple situation. I'd say just be happy to hear this great band do a tribute to a great band, along with many of today's other great bands. The tribute album is really shaping up to be something. I can't wait.