Opeth CD Tribute Project - Musicians Needed!


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Apr 11, 2004
Hello All-

There is a new Opeth CD tribute project underway that those of you that are musicians may be interested in.

Essentially, it's a not-for-profit Opeth tribute album played and recorded by Opeth fans.

The project needs contributors - vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers.

We are especially in need of drummers!

If you are a competent musician and have the ability to record your instrument digitally to certain standards, you can be a contributor!

PLease see the project website for more details and for a complete listing of tracks and available track/instrument slots.


The tracks we will be recording:

1. Forest of October
2. Advent
3. Demon of the Fall
4. Moonlapse Vertigo
5. The Drapery Falls
6. A Fair Judgement
7. Windowpane

Please visit the website first and contact me if you are interested - and spread the word!


Heh, I remember there was something similar done for Katatonia on their UM forum. I'll be happy to contribute death vocals to any tracks, and I'm aware of a drummer that may also be willing to help out. There are certainly a fair few competent musicians around this forum, so you wont find any shortage of help.
Just wondering.. I don't have a guitar amp, so if I were to try out, can I use an amp simulator? And another question: do you accept programmed drum tracks? (as in, not played by a real person, but created with a drum machine or computer and mixed down to a wave file..)
I would gladly try out for clean and growl vocals, and all forms of guitars, on any of those songs, so if you want a sample or something, just PM me.
To Anyone Interested in Contirbuting to This Project, Please note:

1. Please check out the project website for detailed info. on the project, track submission requirements, instrumentation requirements, process flow, etc at www.geocities.com/opethtribute

2. Once there, check out the Song Selections Production Matrix page to see what tracks are still open and need contributors... Please select an available track you'd like to commit instrumentation to and send an email to opethtribute@yahoo.com stating your submission request.

Please include your full name in the email please.

By emailing to that email address, you will also be added to the project mailing list and get updates on project status.

3. Also, please be sure to read the through the recording info. and the 'Recording Guidelines and Tips' page to ensure you can meet the recording requirements for track submissions.

We will record click tracks first to provide to contributors, we will then record drums and the click tracks will be provided to drummers first with other instruments being recorded after the final drum track for each song is complete. (we are recording the click tracks once we have a confirmed drummer for each track - only one drummer comfirmed/signed-up for the project thus far for Drapery... so we're definitely looking for more drummers in the short term - please spread the word....)