What are the titles of some CDs featuring Opeth doing tribute covers?


Sea of Tranquility
Nov 1, 2001
I heard they played on a Maiden tribute or something.

Can someone please list ALL the tribute CDs Opeth has played on? Not looking for Mikael's side projects or other projects (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity)....just tribute stuff.

The title of the CD.
Year of release.
Title of the song.

Etc etc etc.

The only two I know of are 'Remember Tomorrow' (Iron Maiden) and 'Circle of the Tyrants' (Celtic Frost). Both were on tribute compilatons released by Dwell Records.
The Iron Maiden cd is entitled "A Call To Irons" and the Celtic Frost one is called "In Memory of....Celtic Frost".
I don't know the years they were released ('96 and '98 respectively, maybe???) You can look that up online.