whats a good album?

BTW, HaloSlayer, the "just plays bass" thing is not a slag on your son. It's a quote from Opeth bassist Martin Mendez..."I just play bass". It's a hilarious moment...if I could find a link to that vid, I'd post it. Just so you don't get the wrong idea.

You'll love BWP!
Blackwater Park was also my hook(er). I'd actually bought a random Blackened compilation of various metal artists on impulse. I really liked a Primordial track and went to buy them, then recognised the name Opeth while I was there and bought that on impulse too. Best impulse buy I ever did, and still probably my favourite Opeth album, with Bleak probably my favourite song. (The end of it still sends shivers up my spine, and I must be well into triple figures for number of listens by now.)

While we are on the subject, I also concur regarding Jeff Buckley - Grace.
Blackwater Park is definitely a great album to start off with. It's their 5th album, so it's dead center of Opeth's career releases. As for Still Life, I really never had a hard time getting into that. The toughest to get into are probably the first 2, Orchid and Morningrise (both are great as well).

Go with Blackwater Park since it's a very well-rounded album. After a little time with that, I'll guarantee you'll buy another. Then you'll be hooked. Enjoy!:)

On another note, you may want to pick up Roundhouse Tapes, if you're into checking out their live sound. It's fantastic!! Just putting that out there...

Absolutely!!! Good suggestion (roadhouse), then you can sample tracks from most of their albums.

A track? How about Demon of the Fall?
Yep, I knew it...:rolleyes:

This is one of those threads that simply asks: "What's your favorite Opeth album"

Answer: "There are 9 of 'em!":cool:
Looking to adopt, Mr?

I'd go for Still Life and Black Water Park at first. Stay away from My Arms, Your Hearse until you've digested Still Life.
Once you get into Opeth there is no turning back. You might as well start from the beginning with Orchid and then work your way to Watershed. It's a beautiful ride through their history and listening to them grow is just admiralbe.

Enjoy the ride and welcome to the club :)

- Gramm