whats a good album?


Feb 5, 2008
Pasadena Maryland USA
Hi everyone. My son and I was listening to the metal channel on our cable tv and happenned upon an Opeth song. The song was pretty good but neither of us paid attention to the title. Neither my son or I have ever really listened to Opeth. We normally listen to Slayer, Vader, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, King Diamond, Edge of Sanity...etc. Could one of you fine Opeth fans recommend an album to us?

Your an awesome dad.
As for the music, it depends on how much you like soft, acoustic mellow parts. Mind blowing acoustic parts is a trademark of Opeth, aside from simply being incredible.
Blackwater park, Still life, My arms your hearse are generally the three most praised Opeth albums among the fans, though there is no clear consensus, Id start with one of those, with the first of them having more of a softer touch, and the last one being more of a full on-aggression.
Definitely Blackwater Park. It was the album that hooked me on, and many others. If you had to pick one song off of that, try The Drapery Falls or Blackwater Park itself, but I really suggest you listen to the album as a whole.

You and your son will soon be buying the rest of the records ;)
If you want an album to start off with, then I'd choose Blackwater Park. But their best album is the one before it, Still Life.
I say Blackwater Park, Still Life, or My Arms, Your Hearse.

Each of those represent Opeth's uniqueness quite well.

Also keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 'casual Opeth fan'.
I'd say Blackwater Park, it's not my favorite but it's probably the easiest to get into. My favorite is either Morningrise or Orchid, but those can be kind of hard to get into.
Yeh I'd agree with Blackwater Park, I'm pretty sure it's their most accessible and it was the first one I got. Still Life is maybe their best but it takes a bit of time to get into I think. Also I think Deliverance is possibly my favourite or joint favourite but it's not to everyone's taste as it's a bit raw, although it sounds as if you're into quite heavy stuff to begin with. Well, maybe Blackwater Park as a safe first bet, then Deliverance after that.
Blackwater Park is definitely a great album to start off with. It's their 5th album, so it's dead center of Opeth's career releases. As for Still Life, I really never had a hard time getting into that. The toughest to get into are probably the first 2, Orchid and Morningrise (both are great as well).

Go with Blackwater Park since it's a very well-rounded album. After a little time with that, I'll guarantee you'll buy another. Then you'll be hooked. Enjoy!:)

On another note, you may want to pick up Roundhouse Tapes, if you're into checking out their live sound. It's fantastic!! Just putting that out there...