Title of the next OPETH album

Now, if they ever do an all-acoustic, all-clean vocals double album, what would it be called ? I suggest :

"Somewhere My Love Lies Sleeping, With a Male Chorus"

NP: Atheist - Piece of Time
Yes, I was aware of the Anathema connection. But I liked the title, and borrowed it for my WTC elegy.

How about naming it after a song from Mikael's friends in Porcupine Tree? Signify has a few good possibilities, like Dark Matter or Sleep Of No Dreaming...

NP: Dream Theater - Voices (live version, fro the album with the least timely cover in history)
Opeth - We couldn't come up with anything better so here it goes

Opeth - htepO

Opeth - its liek blak matel

Opeth - This one goes out to all the osse87-s out there: bom shaka shaka shaka pling

Opeth - Whiteoil city

Opeth - We are mighy pirates and we like grog

Opeth - The last temptation of Guybrush

Opeth - De Mysteriis Dom LeChuck

Opeth - De-loused in the studio

Opeth - Thick as a brick

Opeth - Kid B

Opeth - OK Macintosh

Opeth - The visible band

Opeth - Washingtonication

Opeth - The 314th step

Opeth - Opeth, entertaining people

Opeth - A change of drummes

Opeth - Train of goods
Opeth - Echo, seems to me really nice.

@Villain, good Idea, but how about ICON, or ONE SECOND, they all would fit, they all are great album titles.
a few of mine:

Diazepam, to continue with the D's
Exclusive Cure
too much to ad
D Mullholand said:
I would suggest one of the following :

The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny

Goddammit I Love America !

Adult Themes For Voice

Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God

Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh
Hahaha...Mr. Bungle rules.:headbang:
Architecture of Demise.... Kinda like that one!
Cancer of the Soul
Hollow Universal Mind

And what about "Liberations: Live In Mexico 2004" An old songs dvd!!!! L2!!
i agree.

thinking up names is gay, just cause a few of their album names happen to be like something else.

where did MAYH come from then?

and still life is not a 70s prog rock band, whoever said that, that was blackwater park.

and the guy who was saying how many 'sounds' each title had (syllables being the word he was looking for): thats just... too sad.