Title of the next OPETH album

Well lets see.

Orchid--------------two sounds
Morningrise-------three sounds
MAYH---------------four sounds
Still LIfe------------two sounds
Blackwater Park--four sounds

so we could say that from Orchid to Morningrise to MAYH they titles got longer, then fell back again to Still Life, to get bigger and bigger again until this album..which would be 5 or so sounds...

I like

"Burn Before the Sun"
no the pattern you are displaying is 234,2,4
so next should be 6 syllables.
i can't think of any title right now. the only one that pop up in my mind is "romance of the three moutain goats". change that alittle.
yeah, it should be 6..but I like that title..so to make it 6, just have it "suna" at the end. :)

"Burn Before the Sun ah"
OPETH "Land of Tears" (a more epic, progressive concept album combining the complexity of the two first albums with the oriental inspirations in 'Bleak').
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Ok , I've read every name here so far , and for everyone I either laugh or think " that's not very original" , hahahah it was a bit funny though

feel free to add your own....
The Time Endangered
The Wind Whispers Leica
Among the Hanging Gardens
Mystery of the Earth
Journey to the West

that's all i can come up for now
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I read on another Opeth message board that "Death:Rebirth" was supposed to be the name of their next album.

Yeah I read that somewhere too, a while ago. I'm sure it's to early to know anything for sure, and it's probably just a rumor, but it would be a pretty damn cool album title.
winter night
mark of the wolves
the moonstone
the final hour
autumn leave
unknown path
the key
seemless welder
lake something
shadow under moonlight
vitamin C
blue orchid (http://terrymx.50megs.com/orchid-redesign.jpg
promise something
day night
in the earth's caress


damit what the hell, i spend 3 hour converting this avi to Vcd movie and then it give me audio error. fuck, gotta restart.
How about a guest appearance by the Swedish bikini team on 5 version remix album of Chef's 'chocolate salty balls'

Mikael would definitely get to keep his mustache for that one.
So many cool titles, and so many not-so-funny spoofs on a possible title.

Personally, I think they should adapt a title from a Camel track or line from a lyric, since Camel has been so important to Opeth, according to Mikael Åkerfeldt in many interviews.

Here are some Camel song titles which might fit the bill (or not):

OPETH "White Rider"

OPETH "God of Light"

OPETH "Mystic Queen"

OPETH "Seperation"

OPETH "Curiosity"

OPETH "Never Let Go"

OPETH "Earthrise"

OPETH "The Great Marsh"

OPETH "Sanctuary" (could also be Iron Maiden-related then)

OPETH "Epitaph"

OPETH "Aristillius"

OPETH "Song Within a Song"

OPETH "Chord Change"

OPETH "Spirit of the Water"

OPETH "Lunar Sea"

OPETH "Highways of the Sun"

OPETH "Unevensongs"

OPETH "Skylines"

OPETH "Echoes"

OPETH "Starlight Side"

OPETH "Summer Lightning"

OPETH "Neon Magic"


OPETH "The Last Farewell"

OPETH "Cloak and Dagger (man)"

OPETH "The Hour Candle"

OPETH "Unevensongs" This is cool. While I'm at it..."A Fine Day For Opeth" Now how many times have we all felt like this? Perfect title. :D