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May 31, 2001
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Every OPETH album has taken it's title from another work. For example, "Blackwater Park" was a band or something, "Still Life" is an Iron Maiden track etc.

What do you think would make a cool title for the next OPETH album - it has to be taken from somewhere else?

My suggestions are:

"Some Day the Sun won't Shine for You"

"Cheap Day Return"

"Black Satin Dancer"

"Acres Wild"



"Wing and a Prayer"

"Rose of Sharon"

You can guess which two bands stand behind these titles I think would be cool for an OPETH album.
My takes on these:

"Some Day the Sun won't Shine for You"

Too many words and a bit cliché, isn't it.

"Cheap Day Return"

Cheap? CHEAP!? Opeth is never cheap. :(

"Black Satin Dancer"

Hmmm, otherwise good, but "Black" for the second time in a row..? no way.

"Acres Wild"

Heh, this sounds funny. And good as well.




Huh?!? What did you say? %)

"Wing and a Prayer"

This one would fit Opeth pretty well, I think.

"Rose of Sharon"

The same as above, but somehow I dislike personal names in album-titles. :|

My own suggestions:

"White Worms" (by Stone) - a great name + contrast to the aforementioned "Black". Every time I think of "white worms" I get shivers.

"Shades of God" - (by Paradise Lost) - another great and gloomy name.

"Shadows of the Past" (by Sentenced) - in the same vein as the previous one, just not that original (and thus not quite so great).

"Blood & Fire" (by Type O Negative) - a passionate name, just like Opeth's music.

"You Could be Mine" (by Guns n' Roses) - last and least.

-Villain (np: Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - "Hiljaista")
Just curious...I assume your a Jethro Tull fan as well?

I've been into Jethro Tull for a long time, good to see other people familiar with them...you ever notice Steve Harris from Iron Maiden is wearing a Crest of A Knave sweatshirt in the booklet picture for Seventh Son of A Seventh Son?

But I'm not sure I'd be into using these song titles as album titles for Opeth...
I'm surprised ice/snow have never been worked into any of Opeth's song/album titles. Well, now that I think about it, I guess it's not that strange. Some things are just over done. It's touch to think of an album title. Some they have seem to have come from considering all the song titles also. How about...

Somber Illusions?


"Burn the spirit of cold, that travel through my soul.
I would suggest one of the following :

The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny

Goddammit I Love America !

Adult Themes For Voice

Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God

Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh

NP: Opeth - My Arms Your Hearse
It's sorta fun to play around with this kind of stuff, but it isn't really our place to say. It depends on the content of the CD, the songs, the mood, etc. If it's anything like Blackwater Park, I can think of a few.

Death of Stars- This is the title for a song I wrote. I'm sure I'll never get around to using it.

Collision- I just like the sound of it.

People who like Linkin Park annoy the hell out of me- Well, it's true. I'm talking to a guy right now that thinks I'm "Crazy" for not liking two of their songs. Oh yeah, where was I....?

Zanoof- Come on, it's a cool word. Zaznoof .

It's pretty obvious that I'm running out of ideas. I can normally think of stuff like this, but with Opeth it's different. It has to be special.
If they put out a rap album -
Opeth - 2 Swedes United 4 West Stockholm

If they put out a smooth jazz album -
Opeth - Melodies for A Misty December Dawn

If they put out a funk album -
Opeth - Shake Yo' Blasphemous Boot-ay

If they put out a total pop album -
Opeth - Swedes Do It Better

If they go punk -
Opeth - 28 Reasons Why We Don't Like The Swedish Tax System

If they collaborate with Adam Sandler -
Opeth - Morningrise-io, Still Life-io, Blackwater Park-io

If they decide to self-parody themselves (a la Lou Reed in 1979)
Opeth - Mikael Fucking Around With An Acoustic Guitar In His Living Room While Watching The Brady Bunch (extended edition - includes full bathroom breaks)

And if they do an 'Ulver' -
Opeth - American Music Press, Categorize This!!
um, ive got some vampire ones u may like, although im not into real vampires i like em anyway.

''Come hither and feel my wrath''

''The Huger Is Upon Me And I Must Feed'' :D

or maybe a simple self titled album;) na i cant see that happening either.
"We're Good and You All Know It"
"Should we Put This One on Yet Another Label?"
"Some More Long Songs - Get Used to it"
"Dark Things... n'stuff"
"I'll Show You 'Cookie Monster', You Bastards..."
"Everything's Gloomy"
"Stop Mocking My Caterpillar-esque Moustache"
"Yeah - Our Rhythm Section Guys Look Identical"
"So, uhh... We're Opeth"
"Stop Asking Me Who Melinda Is"
"Peter Likes His Hippie Look, Too"

Umm... seriously, now, I'm pretty sure it'll be stolen from somewhere like the others. I think "Sanctuary", after the Camel song from The Snow Goose is somewhat possible in that it's accurate/fitting (on several levels), classy, and I think it's probably time to name one as a Camel reference, seeing as they're claimed to be such a big influence (Hoser says, hoping none of the other album titles refer to Camel). I suppose it's one down side is that it's too... easy. Too expected. There's already a site somewhere called "Opeth's Sanctuary", in fact, I seem to recall. They'll come up with something cool from some obscure prog band that we've never heard of, I'm sure.
Originally posted by discouraged1
The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny ???

Hahahaha! I like it!
It could be the title for the forthcoming Arcturus!


New Arcturus CD!!!!!:D :D Didn't know about that one! Hopes it's more in the 'La Masquerade...' style, the other 2 sucked.Best suggestions so far are probably "Shadows of The Past", and "Sancuary"......
Originally posted by Metalmaster
Every OPETH album has taken it's title from another work. For example, "Blackwater Park" was a band or something, "Still Life" is an Iron Maiden track etc.

I think Still Life was named after an obscure 70s Prog band actually, but still, maybe they should call their next album "Opeth" seeing as the majority of bands seem to release a an album called the same name as the band at some point!

But thet probably wouldn't be Opeth's style. How about "Goodbye Post Office Tower" after a track on Cressida's "Asylum" album??:loco:
Originally posted by HoserHellspawn

"Stop Mocking My Caterpillar-esque Moustache"


Some tracks might be called:

"Don't laugh at the mirror"
"The return of the 70's porn star"
"The morning trim"
"Never shave them"

I read on another Opeth message board that "Death:Rebirth" was supposed to be the name of their next album.

I don't know what would inspire them to choose that name (if this is true), but "Death and Rebirth" is the name of a movie for the Japanese animated series "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

Of course, this rumor isn't necessarily true, but supposedly it came from an interview with one of the Martins.