Name the next Opeth album

Judas Pissed

Aug 26, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
Simple, say what their next album should be called! One lucky winner will have their title used by Opeth on their next CD!

I cannot guarantee that Opeth will even read this thread, let alone name their album what you say.
with posts like that, if I was in charge of opeth's finances... I'd cut funding for this board too :/

well, I won't help put real input either :) but I'd like to see some rich color like still life as far as cover art :)
The next two albums will be named:

Dissonance (D3)
Defecation (D4)

D3 will be the heavy album and will only contain feedback noise, while D4, the mellow album, will only consist of vocals and other sounds of the human body.