Name the next Opeth album

Either call it "*SW!* :tickled:"

or call it "Bob"

....How cool would it be to have an album named "Bob"? :Smug:
On a serious note, I think Seasons would be a nice title.
First post here, by the way :) .
boywithnoarms said:
just fooled around something with a picture proggie. I know it's crap and cheesy but who cares...

maybe with a subtitle: "Tales of young Godhead"
I would really want to know the story 15 years before still life... ;)

dude, so would I = but what's with the "Rainfog" ?
if it was to be their last...SATAN FORBID... Last Hour, Fallen, Dusk, and maybe even Nightfall would be good titles i think...

a good song title... At Dusk I nice