Opeth - The Next Album


May 16, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I'm interested to find out what exactly people are wanting to hear on the next Opeth album. It would be quite sad if in ten years time they are looked apon as Metallica are today. Metallica believe it or not were once reveered as Opeth are today. So what direction will they go?
I wanna hear more of the same, the growls, the melodies, the riffs and the acoustic guitar.

I dont reallly want them to make a totally heavy black metal, because it would seemingly take away all the elements that make Opeth Opeth

and Opeth will never be looked upon like Mettallica are today............NEVER!
I would hope that Opeth would have the foresight to just stop making music together instead of ending up like metallica.

Not sure what I'd like the album to sound like. Only thing I'd like to see is less use of vocal effects.
You know not all bands turn to shit, although I understand your viewpoint as most do
Just a natural progression would be fine by me. The new elements which have been talked about, in action, would be great to see. Just seeing something new and solid from Opeth, just as Still Life came after MAYH.
It's an absoloute fucking shame what happened to Metallica. In the mid 80's they were untouchable. I personally think Opeth have a much wider scope of musical talent than Metallica ever did so hopefully it won't happen.
Blah blah blah Metallica. Does it ever end?

I'll be happy with the next album if they bring back the lush textured melodies that were lacking in Deliverance, as well as the actual acoustic guitar, instead of the clean-tone electrics.
Opeth were never thought of the same way as Metallica was in their hayday. Metallica durring the Puppets era could outsell multiple Opeth tours combined, im quite sure, and were more integral to the development of metal as we know it than Opeth. Opeth showcase an unmatched uniqueness that isnt followed, while Metallica blasted the way for metal to move forward. But the point is moot.

As for the new album... I want to hear the acoustic guitar melodies that were previlant in Morningrise, coupled with the continuity of the songs found in Deliverance, topped with heavier riffs with melodic solos. Thats a lot to ask, so i'll just settle with whatevery they give us.
I want the next album to be a progression from blackwater park, deliverance, damnation style...perhaps bringing some older styles back, but overall a progression at least. Yes, bring the acoustic guitars back...maybe some higher black metal esque screaming, maybe a track or two with a mellotron. Overall, I want it to be different but still Opeth.
I dont care. Opeth never does what the fans expect. And it always works out so well. I like being surprised, and just cant wait for that first listen where everything is new and wonderful (before it becomes known and loved of course)
some great guitars riffs would be appreciated ( still life for exemple) instead of slapping on the same note just to sound heavy( deliverance). Something new, so a progression. Like someone mentionned, I hope there will be less vocal effects and I would like to hear new instruments like keyboard which I liked on damnation. I hope the music will not sound like too many things... I hope something more inspired than on deliverance.

I don't wanna hear something basic like.. iT sounds like every albums combined to one... i'm tired of this.
Something new with the opethian touch.
I just hope it's gonna sound natural and fluid.

Like on every of those threads : We'll see.. or hear. Whatever.
I don't want to say 'more of the same in the likeness of Morningrise and MAYH' since it's technically a regression to their development, but I wasn't too satisfied with their recent releases.
Its complicate to understand Opeth's music, I'm making my way through Still Life... it seems that at least the first 2 songs actually progress naturally (unlike Morningrise). I don't expect nothing from Opeth, hope they continue to amaze us, with their unique sound and imagination. regards
Some unfortunate similarities between Metallica and Opeth:

First Album(s) - Raw, Emotional, Loud, Under-produced. In one word - heavy. Instrumentals on the bass and piano - as opposed to the typical guitar - are featured.

Second Album(s) - A little more mature, but still unforgivingly heavy. The first ballads appear. The theme of death is very prevelent, both in terms of being killed and killing one's self.

Third Album(s) - Arguably the best album for both bands. These albums are complete, and showcase many of the bands' strengths. From beautiful ballads (Orion, Credence) to slower-paced, but heavy as hell (The Thing That Should Not Be, When) to head-banging monsters (Damage Inc., April Ethereal) to ubiquitous concert favorites (Master of Puppets, Demon of the Fall).

Fourth Album(s) - Still a very good album, probably the second best for each band, but there is a noticable difference here. Both bands had new bass players and the albums lack continuity. The production on Justice is obviously low quality and, of course, several mistakes have been pointed out about the production on Still Life.

Fifth Album(s) - For Metallica, the beginning of the end. By sacrificing traditional methods for teenage-girl-pleasing chords and family-friendly riffs, the boys created an album which many feel was the downfall for the band. For Opeth, certainly not a sell-out album, but still, their most popular. Most fans probably end up listening to this album first, or at least early on. Some of the songs are simpler in format, and Harvest sounds mysteriously radio-friendly. Even The Drapery Falls got a radio edit.

Sixth and Seventh Albums(s) - Metallica wiped its collective asses and came up with a pair of albums Load and Re-Load. Filled from stem to stern with crap, crap and more crap, both albums ensured that the Bob Rock era was not a horrible nightmare, but an unfortunate reality. Opeth attempts to write two dichotomous albums, Deliverance and Damnation. While I think that these are good albums (certainly not as bad as Load 1 & 2) I see them as being experiments that may have caused the band to lose focus. Instead of writing an album as per usual, Opeth actually took the time to worry about layered vocals and guitar harmonies. The result seems like an overcorrection; like Opeth were trying to write "the perfect album". Is Steve Wilson becoming the Bob Rock of Opeth??

Eighth Album(s) - I certainly hope that Opeth's next creation does not sound anything like Metallica's (though, the Red Sox just won the World Series, so I guess anything's possible...). St. Anger is the lowest of the lows for Metallica. I remember mowing my lawn about 6 months ago while listening to it and thinking the whole time: This. Album. Sucks. The production sucks, the lyrics suck, the music sucks. Even the stuff that's moderately cool, still sucks. This shows that an aging, happily married, rich, family-life, SOBER Metallica does not create good music. Mikael is now married with child. Could he be mellowing in his old age? Will the next album all leave us scratching our heads? I hope not.

I do not think for a minute that Opeth will fall as far as Metallica did. I was just attempting to show some similarities based on the original post. :hotjump:
^ wow, the similaraties for the pairing of each album are interesting haha. but let me just state, that i put my life on the line, that the next opeth opus will take 17 shits on st.anger. and then maybe some diarrhea on it too.

also, one point where i disagree is your labeling of Kill 'Em All as emotional. good, however? yes.