New Opeth Album (#8)

Lord I hate that keyboard crap, but like some one said in here earlier Opeth makes their's sound completly organic, and thats the only reason I can stand and even enjoy Opeth's keyboards. But I hope they actually do use some actual pipe organs or something of that nature, some orchastrated and symphonic type methods like you find in "Apostle in Triumph". I'm not a big fan of digital or artificial sounds (one of the reasons I hate rap so much and absolutly deplore electric guitars with digital and computerized pic-ups and functionings) But like I said with Opeth you have nothing but pure melodic natural and organic sounds and they really don't over do the keyboards either like most bands. Though What I'm anticipating in this album is the "black metal" concept, what atmosphere and what solos and riffs Opeth has for us in allignment with this new concept. I have faith in Opeth that they will not disapoint...
Mikael told me it was going to be an occult project, and that he liked Satan.. and that he wore Satan daddypants.. And that there would be 2 30 minute long "opuths (opus)"

They should change their name to Oputh. :D

That's like the gay pronounciation of opus, lmao... OPuth! OPUTH!!!!11
Steve Wilson is a bit feminine maybe thats why he is so good with the mellow songs?

I had to get it out
what i hope for:

- no orchestrations
- no synths, just a bit piano and some hammond from time to time
- a lot of acoustic guitars, also mixed up with electric ones (like on MAYH)
- 'black-metalish'-riffs with clean vocals
- great solos (Orchid-style)
What I hope for:

-Peter succumbing to an untimely 'accident' which prevents the use of his fingers for the next year or so.
-Opeth running dearly short on time with an impending tour and resorting to hiring their moderator as a second guitarist.

Décadent said:
Ritualistic satanism - not just for society's rejects.
haha! The Association for Ritualistic Satanism's new billboard slogan?
coming soon to an interstate (here in America) near you!
Valtiel said:
Not actually looking forward to that, but just the the concept music thats supposedly to be unique to that concept...

Because occult metal is such a unique idea that no-one has ever done before...
That's true!

People have sang about satan, and omg i loves teh satanpants!1

But nobody ever sang about singing about satan worshipping!

Like so, I believe Opeth will "sing about SINGING about the occult"

..... :)
I tend to disagree.