Opeth Tribute Album


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Oct 14, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Hey guys, I've been thinking for a while now and I know there are a lot of talented musicians on this forum so maybe we could all team up and make a tribute album for Opeth by us!! Don't flame me, it's just an idea. :cool:

Is anyone is interested in doing an Opeth cover or anything? It could be an accoustic version, a full-band version with your band or you could even just do an instrumental version, send it to another forum member and get them to complete the vocals. It could be an obscure version or a person interpretation of an Opeth track. If you already have an Opeth cover, or even a track inspired by Opeth that you played or were part of then use that one! We'll need somewhere or someone to host the album, making it accesible for all the forum users to download. I'd be happy to do some vox on a track if someone sent me an instrumental. :headbang:

Anyone who is into art or something could design an album cover and booklet etc. And everyone on the forum could suggest a name for the album, then the most popular could be put into a poll to decide the name of the cd.

I know it's just an idea, but it would be really cool and bring a bit of life into this forum.

Any opinions, suggestions?

I'de do it, but I have no way of making a good quality recording. If I found a way though I could probably contribute. I only know Closure and A Fair Judgement all the way through though.
Yeah, but a little organisation and it wouldn't be hard to get it up and running. If the Nirvana Internet Fan Club can release 3 CD's worth of Nirvana tributes from their forum members, what is stopping us? Just because it failed once, doesn't mean it wouldn't work if tried again with a bit of organisation.
Katatonia's forum did something just like this...That too got off pretty well, so we should definately attemp it
I realize it would best fit under the music recordings section but does anyone have a link to any of their work? I'm really curious as to see where I stand amongst you guys...
My uncle is the webmaster of Procol Harum's website and he pretty much singlehandedly has organised numerous CD's and get together gigs so it can be done. Just needs someone with scary devotion and too much time, any offers lol?
If someone here can do the solos in Funeral Portrait the same as on blackwater park I say it would be ok. If not an opeth tribute could turn out to be a disaster.
I'll ask the rest of Vampyrouss if they want to do something, I always wanted too, since we don't have guitars it would be pretty different... maybe something off Damnation... or Harvest, our keyboardist loves that song. It would be a pretty obscure cover though!
I believe this idea has been brought forward before. It certainly would be cool to do and I'd be happy to contribute some electric guitarwork to it. I don't have a good mic for acoustic stuff so that won't work.
I don't have any knowledge of how to play Opeth's songs (and I hate having to learn any new song), but I could do vocals once I get a better mic... I suppose I could get my brother to do something. (he's f'ing insane on guitar, almost as good as Michael Romeo, seriously.) Me and him could certainly contribute.

EDIT: Yeah I could probably do rhythm but lead is my brother's realm!
Does anyone know any Opeth songs that don't involve an acoustic guitar? (a heavy song) because my brother doesn't like to play acoustics. He will if he has to, but otherwise rather would not. I don't have the equipment to record with my acoustic, so it's either I MAKE him do it (mwahahahaha) or I find a way to make mine work. I really am considering of doing this and I want to do it soon.