What's the Chance of Opeth Doing a 2nd Tour...

Luz said:
Ok, I won't.
Did you see them alive? 'Cause at least they went. I went to Chile to see them ...god damnit, you know the rest. I write about it everytime since I got here. Now I'm pissed off again. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

It was 2003 and back then I didn't even know Opeth existed so I didn't see them. It pisses me off. :(
Silent Song said:
saw them with PT on that tour a while back... i didn't know how good that was at the time.

How is PT live? I'm going to see them may 25 in cleveland and can't wait. I've never heard or seen them live before.
Well, actually I only have travelled two times to see bands playing in Chile. Iron Maiden and Opeth (god fucking damnit) Chilean crowd fucking sucks.
I haven't had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, but since I have seen some dvd's recorded there, they're not so good.
Then, I went to see Iron Maiden again -this time- in Buenos Aires (which I have to travel for 15 hours or less ina fucking bus) And I have to say that our crowd is fucking kick ass.

And for that, we rule and Opeth should come here. :lol:

Risquit said:
Are Chilean music fans as crazy as those Brazilians on the Rush in Rio concert DVD or the Iron Maiden in Rio CD?