Why does Opeth skip the Prairie Provinces?


Mar 28, 2004
It's kinda upsetting that Opeth isn't really coming to my city, especially when Mikael said, "We're coming back to Edmonton" at SOTU. Now I understand that when a band tours around the world, they aren't solely responsible for setting up tour dates. It's more of the tour managers and promoters job no? But the band does have some say in where they tour as well right?

So why is Opeth skipping out on Edmonton, or even Calgary? Where there are quite a few fans living in those cities. If any of the band members or those responsible for setting tour dates..is reading this...Just have a place for Alberta in the next tour...just consider us the next time Opeth comes to North America. It would be nice to see the Opeth play again..

Could be worse... you could live in Saskatchewan. I watched so many bands go from Alberta to Manitoba and probably never wondered for a second where they were when travelling between the two. Of course now that I've moved Opeth had to make a stop there :erk:
Ah yes, to live in Saskatchewan :(... The only thing thats came around here recently is sounds of the underground...Yes everyone drives right through