National Listen to your Opeth cds week

Protected Witness

Magickal Theatre 33
Sep 27, 2002
I hereby declare that the following week of August 1st through August 8th will be the National Listen to your Opeth cds Week here in the Ultimate Metal Opeth forum.

The premise is simple. Next week, none of us will bitch, complain, overanalyze, pan, scrutinize, dissect, theorize, make assessments, chide, nag, evaluate, interpret, judge, rank albums, or complain about telephone voice and post it on the board. We will simply just LISTEN to our Opeth cds.

That way, some of us might realize how much more fun it is to actually spend more time listening to Opeth instead of arguing over them with someone over the internet over trivial details like:

Steven Wilson is stealing their Soul!!!
The songs on the reissues ruin my random playlists!!!
What language is used at the end of "By the Pain I see in Others?!"
Dan Swanö is better at life than Mikeal Åkerfeldt!!!
If Opeth were an Ice Cream flavor, what would they be?!
etc., etc., etc.,

Who's with me?

(Sign yer names!!!)
I'm for this all the way:

Etherellights, if you play in the kitchen you're gonna get: burned. If you mess with the lights you're gonna get:Blinded.
- Hey man who the fuck you think you are to tell us what to do? This forum is here for us and because of us. You think you are better than us just because you are ¨Mr.Niel¨? do you think you are a fucking god because you are ¨Mr. Niel¨? I don´t think so man...

What´s the problem that some new guy ask ¨who is melinda?¨ or any other stupid question? uh? this forum is here for that, to write, ask, answer, to have fun!!!

I don´t wan´t to pick a figth with you man, but i don´t give a shit if a lot of people like to lic your balls here in the forum, i think you are wrong with that actitude!
Uh huh... well, Mr. Niel doesn't really hold any authority here, so you are in fact free to do as u will. He only posted this to remind us that Opeth isn't about all these shitstorms we get into in this forum, instead we should actually listen to them and start posting about THE MUSIC!

P.S. For all the time I have been posting on this forum, I have only had the last 3 albums in my possession. However, im ordering the rest tonight, so for that week I might just listen to the other 4 in rapid succession over and over again? :headbang: