Opeth Live


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Apr 30, 2001
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Those of you that have seen Opeth live, what did you think? Was it a long show? Did they play several songs from different albums or did they play more recent songs off newer albums? How was the sound? I wouldn't guess they could have played too many songs since alot of their songs are long anyway. They will be here in Dallas soon. I can't hardly wait!
I saw them in Borås, Sweden. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. They did not just play old songs (as I had feared). Actually the played at least one song from every album! I think that Mikael managed the growl/clean song switched very good, but live the harsh vocals ARE a little different from the album version... but that's understandable.
It was the best show I'd ever been at. The show seemed fairly long... at least that's what my body was telling me by its inability to keep the head bobbing during Demon of the Fall. They played some really nice tracks on that tour... definately their best setlist. The Moor, April Ethereal and Blackwater Park were the 3 stellar tracks of that evening.

Met all the guys outside afterwards, which was just an extra coolness bonus. I think I almost started hyperventilating when I first saw Lopez just casually sitting on some stairs, smoking and talking to a fan. The fanboyness level was high back then :)

Great gig all round. I can't wait to see the guys down here again.

EDIT: And I just realized that this thread is 4 years old. Hooray.
I've seen them live 4 times, and they always perform very well. They usually don't say to much between songs, and I think they feel kind of awkward. People always yell songs they want to hear, ignorant to the setlists I guess. When they did the damnation tour with porcupine tree, they played all 8 of the damnation songs, and it was really boring. The Deliverance tour and the most recent (not SOTU) were very brutal and excellent, they are a great live band.
I saw them only with their Damnation tour, so they didn't play much other song. They played whole Damnation and Benighted, To bid you farewell, Soldier of fortune (Deep Purple cover), Face of Melinda and Harvest. But in septermber I'll see them again.