Opeth Live!!!


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Jul 19, 2008
Opeth are coming to Greece and I am very excited that I will have the chance to see them again live.

I really wonder which songs they are going to play. I guess that priority will be given to the songs from Watershed and I really hope that I will have the chance to listen live to the three Watershed songs that I adore.... Hessian Peel, Hex Omega and Heir Apparent.

I also hope that I will have the chance to listen to some other of my Opeth favourites, namely the incredible Blackwater Park and also the Moor, The Drapery falls, the leper affinity, the Wreath etc.

Anyway, does anyone know which songs do Opeth usually play during this world tour?

If you have seen Opeth live recently, I would very much like to read about this experience of yours and about which songs they played
When are they going to Greece? You'll hear Burden and Hessian Peel for sure, also Harlequin Forest and many other kickass songs (that's all Opeth is able to compose, obviously). They could play The Drapery Falls since they play it every show, but it could also be a reason why they wouldn't. I don't know. The Leper Affinity would be so fucking awesome. Wreath won't be there, though.

You will get their new setlist, which isn't available yet. So no one knows (except if they have released it, and I didn't hear about it). But there are a couple of songs (four or five) that are official. Three of them are mentionned above.