best live watershed song?


Jan 10, 2008
ok, there's probably already been a thread about this, and it seems to be a popular topic of recent discussion, but what do y'all think would the best track from watershed that they should play live?

i vote for lotus eater. maybe hessian peel. note that heir apparent has already been done.
Well, I'd say Heir Apparent, but as anarchy420 said, it's already been done. The second best would be The Lotus Eater in my opinion.

Actually, in retrospect, every song from Watershed is too good, I can't choose one. :(
Well I got to see them play Heir Apparent @ PN and it was pretty bad ass, but I really can't wait to hear TLE live, with Opeth getting the headliner sound quality this time. (You couldn't hear the vocals for shit at PN in Orlando!)