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May 5, 2002
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I just picked up Orchid and Morningrise on Vinyl, licensed by Candlelight but relesed by Displeased...
I was just wondering... Does anyone know if there are other versions of these Opeth vinyls released by other labels?

Because the ones I got were the re-issue versions with the low quality cover art and the bonus tracks... They also don't have any inner inserts, such as lyrics... They are very plain...
I also have this vinyl re-issue of morningrise and it's a pitty that the cover quallity is so low and doesn't have any lyrics or something.....
I think that Candlelight originally released the Opeth albums only on CD....... never on LP, but I'm not 100% sure.....
Yes, Vinyl versions of Orchid, Morningrise and MAYH are of very low quality indeed, and I hate it every time the stupid so called bonus tracks comes on. Just horrible. On the contrary, the vinyl version of Still Life is so good it evens up.

Candlelight did not release any vinyl versions of these recordings, but I think there where vinyl bootlegs being made, at least of Orchid and Morningrise.. I don't have much information about this though.

Actually Chang, you should be glad you didn't pick that up.
First of all it would not be worth it due to the very plain layout of the record; Low quality cover and no inserts... Nothing new that you don't have with the CD save for a bigger cover art... Certainly not worth $60...
And second, I got my copy off of ebay for $12.50 U.S... Much more reasonable, wouldn't you agree?