Opeth Special Gift ?


Jun 10, 2001
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If Opeth could do something special (like to celebrate their 10 years or to thanks their hardcore fans...), what could they offer ?
A Vinyl Box like Emperor ?
A live album ?
A double CD with one live CD and one accoustic's one ? (maybe with some of their previous songs in accoustic form...)
What should they do in your opinion ?
I personnaly would love them to make something special for their fans, maybe something limited as a collector things for the most hardcore fans.
A double CD with one live CD and one accoustic's one ? (maybe with some of their previous songs in accoustic form...)

I actually suggested something similar to Mikael regarding the release of Morningrise. I wanted to do an acoustic only CD that would come with the first 5000 copies, or something similar, but Mikael didn't like the idea.

I think a double live CD should be considered. They must have some decent sound-board recordings from the US tour? Hopefully they won't do it the way of a certain English Black Metal band and overdub everything in the studio...

Lee B
Couldn't agree more. A double live album would be great, or maybe a box set of complete concerts from different eras? No editing or overdubs, just "warts 'n' all" performances with a decent sound, like official bootlegs.

I, for one, like to hear a concert as it actually sounded. Mistakes and everything. There's something about a polished live album that is slightly unsatisfying...
I want to know how bands have the cheek of actually releasing these things as "live" albums when usually about 50% is nothing of the sort. If you take that concept to an extreme then all albums are "live" as someone had to play the instruments "live" at some point.

It boils my piss. It really does!
What's about an Opethian Letter, you pay for it, and you got it one time per 3 months... like a Fan Club Thing, and as a bonus member of the fan club get a gift, like a special CD with rare or originals songs... (as the Dream Theater Fan Club)
Funny how this is mentioned. I just woke up from a dream (one of many dreams anyway, and yes, I was in bed 'til 5PM) and in it, I was at the record store I work at and we had just recieved a bunch of Opeth albums that were going to be one of the featured albums at the store. When I looked at it, I saw it was a tribute album with all songs done by other well-known death metal bands. I thought it was a weird dream and reading this post made me remember it.
I personally would much rather see a live video than a live cd. When opeth plays live they pretty much perform their songs to perfection. Listening to a live album wouldn't be all that different from listening to their studio albums. However I would love to watch them playing live, that is far more interesting. And I could relive that magical night when I saw them in NY.

I don't think it's really that necessary for them to release an all acoustic cd. I mean it would definetly be interesting, but the main thing I love about opeth is the contrast they create between the light and heavy sections. They would lose the dynamics of that constrast by making an entirely acoustic album. It would be like them releasing a cd that was entirely distorted, it just wouldn't be the same.
How about Opeth makes a Christmas mix?
The Silent Night and the Silent Holy Water
Black Christmas Tree Immortal
Bleak, the Herald Angel Sings

Maybe for their next progression they should get a bit of a 'loungy' feel. Mikael can do some spoken word wishing the world peace for the holiday season...hehehe
And finish the album off with guest appearances from Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand
Hey, good call. I always said that after Forest of October and Dirge for November that Opeth need a December song.

...perhaps "Away in a Manger of December"?

And don't forget such classics like "In Mist She Was Caroling", "The Technicolour Dreamcoat is my Robe", "Melinda is Coming to Town", "Frosty the Demon (of the Fall)", and for a bonus track, "Jingle Soul Torture".

Those last few were good...cheers!

I had a dream the other night that I was riding a bike and I went around a corner, and the street sign read "Amen Corner." It didn't strike me as odd, what did though, were the kids rehearsing on the sidewalk. They were playing something from Blackwater Park and I was so shocked at their age and their skills, I drove right into the kid singing. He was like seven years old. <woe>

Um, I think a live CD would be cool. I only have one live recording from Milwaukee last year. I loved it. I'd probably love a video too, but I never really got into them. I'm more for the CDs. But, they do only do it for themselves. So, rewarding 10-year fans doesn't sound like something they'd come up with anyways. But, it'd be cool. Talk about feeling appreciated.

What did he say in that interview? "We've always done this for ourselves. The fact that our fans love it, is just a great side-effect." Or something like that from Raggi's interview with him in the LotFP. Great interview by the way!

Or how about a big birthday party?

With hats, balloons and jelly & ice-cream, and party games like pass-the-parcel and musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey

Mikael (or the whole band) could even wear a "10 today!" badge....:lol: