Opeth & video games

Playing video games while listening to music, especially Opeth, would be hard for me.

The music would be distracting.

As in I'd be focused more on the music than the game. :)

i agree with u, but with a game like elder scrolls, where u can roam around the world for hours, the music and game blend well together.
Opeth never distracts my intent to spill demon blood from pouring out of charred and scarred jugulars. It only adds to the bliss. Always and evermore.
Master's apprentices is very appropriate for Halo. Playing Halo 3, I would put it on loop. And kill my teammates in Social slayer! And then get kicked out. And then people would message me & say I suck cause I am a lady. I stopped playing halo.
Never tried listening to Opeth while playing games. Insomnium, The Absence, Bloodbath, Aeon and Immolation used to keep my adrenaline pumped playing UT2K4
Try Bolt Thrower or Amon Amarth type bands with Starcraft/WoW and stuff... makes it epic
I tend to not play Opeth whilst playing videogames cause I don't think their sound fits with a lot of the games I'm playing. besides I can start to associate a song with a game and that annoys me. Like when I was first getting into the Blackwater Park album I was playing Battle for Middle Earth II (mediocre game btw) and now its permanently associated with the game!
Opeth + Zork = majesty

Opeth + Zork = majesty


Lmao it looks....fun!
I remember i used to take walks with my dad when i was young and i would get him to ask me questions like that, except you would take out the mailboxes and add decrepit houses in a dark forest with dragons and all
that great stuff.
Btw killing prostitutes in gta 4 while blasting opeth is always fun.