Opinions on Nile?


Dec 26, 2001
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I really like Nile. But to my surprise a lot of people, even in the death metal community, don't seem to think they are that great, dubbing them as "plain noise", etc. I respect their technical abilities and they use a lot more melody than most people think. What do you think about em? :D
Sorry - not a fan.

I too feel they are a little "noisy" (as you put it) for my tastes. I generally don't listen to those deeply death style bands - it just isn't my forte.
They are pretty noisy and downright heavy, I agree. But the reason they are good is because there's just something very unconventional about them. Nile simply isn't typical death metal. The Egyptian influences are where most of their melody lies, but as far as pure death metal goes, they are quite art-y. They use keyboards for atmosphere every now and then, as well as certain Egyptian instruments. Very innovative IMO.

I can't say they are an all around incredible band though. Sometimes their brutality gets in the way of their musicality, but not so much so as with most death metal bands.
dissapointing live, on the 8th December. Behemoth i think were better on the night. still great band, maybe a bit obsessive on the Egyptian thing though. but saying that i can't complain.

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Originally posted by _Transparent_
dissapointing live, on the 8th December.
how so? everytime i've seen them (at least 4 or 5 times) they've played really well (even though I don't really like their music).
i think nile is bad ass. they are extremly talented and unique. ive seen them live and they kicked the hell out of COF. You know its them when they are on too. they got that unique sound of theirs which is cool. Overall they are a cool band. I dont think they are the best death metal though. Probably the best "new" one though.
I'm definately going to this concert on Feb. 26

Dimmu Borgir

I'll have a better idea how I feel about Cryptopsy after that. Any suggestions for 1 or 2 songs to download from them?
I think they're great.

...But the 'Death' parts aren't really to my taste... I hate blast-beats and hammer-drumming, it's lame....

BUT! Beneath eternal oceans of sand is awesome!!
papa Opeth, go for anything from the first two albums, namely Defenestration and Slit yer Guts. I'm not as big fan of the last few, as Mike had a weak voice....the new guy is supposed to be good, but it's all about the Lord Worm days!:headbang:
Originally posted by Lina
how so? everytime i've seen them (at least 4 or 5 times) they've played really well (even though I don't really like their music).

yeah i know, i was expecting something really special, since theyre meant to be one of the best live bands, and it just wasn't. i mean i still thought it was good. about an hour after the gig, we went back outside and saw the bands get onto the bus. when i spoke to the blonde bloke (whats his name?) and mentioned 'it was a good gig' he sort of acted suprised like he didnt think so, so, um make your own decision, im happy anyway as i got Behemoths album after and im impressed, check em out.
They are awesome... Extremely technical, and that's what makes them brutal. The first time I heard them they were just noise, but after a while one begins to notice all the layers in their songs, and then you become amazed. They definitely deserve respect, if nothing else.