OT - Embarrassing middle names


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May 16, 2001
Surbiton. The Posh bit
Does anyone here have any middle names that they'd rather not admit?

I got my new Amex yesterday when my Dad was over. He was more than a little frosty to discover that my middle names or initials were missing on the card. I had to explain that my initials were missing on everything I had anything to do with after the age of 18! These same middle names have been passed down from him and his father before him, and on, and on.., etc, so I can see his point.

I let him down gently, but at the end of the day, the buck stops here: No kid of mine (heaven forbid, but you never know..) is gonna have the names Arthur Harold inflicted upon him..

Can you beat Lee Arthur Harold Barrett?

My pal Mark's middle name is Reginald, so he wins that one, but he doesn't post on this board.

Any contenders?
I should probably wait until more people post horror stories here.. but

I don't have a middle name. Not one, not two. Not three, even.

Neither does my sister. I've grilled my parents about it and they just say that they didn't want us to be unhappy with the middle names they would have given us.

My sister, in her youth became Arleigh Apple,
and I think finally settled on Arleigh Rachel, but nothing's official.

In my youth, I was Jeremy Egon (yes, from Ghostbusters), to Jeremy Edward, Jeremy Harold, anything to be different. Most recently, people have called me "Jeremy X" so I adopted Xavier. But again, nothing's official.

If you want proof, I can scan some official documents, since most people don't believe me.

So that's my story.

Lee: I know a girl who's Gillian "Buffy Eva Marie Saint" Jones. Or I think.. I can never remember what order they go in ;)
I never had much problem with my middle name in California, though I did put up with the occasional retarded laugh at it. When I moved to Oklahoma, it was horrible. The culture here is much more conservative, and the sort of middle name I had was just a fun way to tease me. Luckily I had a huge growth spurt late in life (grew 8 inches and added 80 pounds from 13-15) and the teasing stopped, but I still cringe to this day when telling someone my name.

Dwight GAYLORD Chapin
Has anyone ever played the game where you determine what your porn star name would be? My friends and I combine are middle name with the name of your street. For instance, my middle name is Vincent and I live on Darby Road, so I am "Vincent Darby." Anyone else have any good porno names?
Well I live i the country now, so I do not have a street..but a RT number...but I use to live on Dakota ave...so I am

Gaylord Dakota....staring in the new "Beefy Men of Main" Double dvd set!!! I provide an audio commentary with my co-star Corey Comrade
Mine would be Lars Crestmoor.

Or I might just go with Don Steeler. Let's have some artistic freedom here, shall we?
Actually, I already picked a porn name: Dr. Stratum
(this is based on an inside joke WAY too complicated to explain)

Kevin Matthew Lanthier. My problem was never with my middle name (other than the fact that it's biblical in origin), but rather my last, simply because I have no "correct" pronunciaton in mind, and that bothers people. They ask me: "So is it Lan-theer or Lan- thee-ay, or..." and I'm like "yeah, either of those is fine, whatever you like", and that pisses them off, because they want to say it "correctly". Francophones can do it really nice, but this is the west coast, we have to butcher it in our Angliphonic ways somehow. So then they ask me how *I* say it, and I tell them that it depends on who I'm talking to and how well I think they can pronounce French stuff. ("properly" is probably something like "Lawn-tee-ay", or "Lawn-tsi-yay" or something, but I never say it like that...)

As for the middle name/street name porn name, mine would be:
Matthew Reid. Hmmm...
Well, you're looking at it.

My porn name? Justus Kent. *shrug*

On a side note, I do know a guy whose middle name is Sheldon. Ouch.
Well, well...

Emma Pernilla Oxenby.
Just a sidenote... I win with the worst surname. In my native language that's "the ox-village". :p

Lasse... ever been subjected to the song "Lasse, Lasse liten"? :)
Taler jeg mer Norsk en du, tro? :p
Illa att ikke kunne sitt andre hemspraak. :)
Don't you think?