OT: Gorgoroth - True Norwegian Pink Metal!


May 15, 2004
Pink toilet paper??? Veggie food??? Strawberry condoms??? Argh, Gorgoroth are gay!!! :D

Blabbermouth said:
Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH may be the epitome of pure evil when they hit the stage, but if their tour rider is any indication, they are softies at heart. GORGOROTH's rider for their current European tour with 1349 — which includes specifications on stage design, sound systems, lighting rigs, as well as an artist's wish list (from transportation and billing to dressing room accommodations and meals) — features a request for such items as "extra-soft" pink toilet paper, "condoms with strawberry taste" and a "masseuse" for the band every three days of the tour.

The following are a couple of excerpts from GORGOROTH's backstage rider for their current European tour (as obtained by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):

Catering specification:

On Arrival:

* enough assorted cheese, ham and salami sandwiches for twelve persons
* tea and coffee with milk & sugar
* one crate of assorted sodas

In The Dressing Room:

* coffee and tea
* 3 bottles of Jack Daniels, 70cl
* 1 bottle of Kahlua, 70cl
* 1 bottle of vodka, Finlandia preferably, 70cl
* 1 ltr gin, Bombay Sapphire preferably
* 2 bottles of Amarone red wine
* 2 litres of high fat content milk
* 70 domestic beers (min. 4,5%, max. 5%), 33cl
* 24 bottles of sparkling and non-sparkling water, 50cl
* 12 bottles/cans of energy drinks (Red Bull or Dark Dog)
* 4 packs of cigarettes (Marlboro Red/Lucky Strike), sigarillos and sigares.
* 24 bottles/cans assorted sodas, thereamongst Coke and Sprite, 33cl
* lots of fresh vegetables and fruits
* large plastic cups
* ice cubes
* snacks
* condoms with strawberry taste
* strawberries, champagne, pink toilet paper, extra soft.
* 25 clean large towels. White
* 5 blankets


The promoter is to pay and provide for a full dinner for five persons. No fast food or take-aways. The dinner is to be complemented by choice of beverages. Please note that there must be available 1 vegetarian for GORGOROTH and 1 vegetarian for one of the crew members.

Stage And Other Additional Specifications:

* 50 sheepheads
* 200 meters barbwire
* 1 carpenter with equipments to build racks for barbwire, barricades, crosses ect.
* 1 masseuse for the band every 3 days of the tour, this person needs to be there from arrival or during the afternoon.