Manowar vs. Dark Tranquility...or, which one is False Metal?

My girlfriend actually bought a ticket to Dark Tranquility on accident when she went to buy her Iced Earth tickets. We won't be going to see them , but it's a free $20 for them I guess.
Oh dear, shouldn't have said that. Looks like the Government's going to have to revoke your internet for ever bro.
12 years ago I saw Immortal, at the peak of their powers, smashed in at a small club outside of Chicago. For perhaps the only time in my life, I left before the headlining band came on, confident that the only role they could play would be to sour the high that I was on. That headlining band was Manowar, and this thread is yet another confirmation that my decision that night was the correct one. So thank you!

Your situation sounds like a nice mirror-image of mine; rather than pre-emptively avoiding a bad taste in your mouth like I did, you instead used Dark Tranquillity as mental Listerine. Nice work.

I can also add that the ticket price to see both Manowar and Immortal back then in 2002 was $20. Sorry. :erk: