OT: Never order from Target-Direct online


Imported Killer
I am advising everyone to never order anything from Target online.
I had a Target gift card so I ordered stuff from amazon.com through Target.com. Now I constantly get spam mail that I know I am getting as a result of Target. How do I know it's because of them? Well for one, I only started getting spam with the same format after I ordered from them. Two, one of the emails in the format was a spam for Target online itself.
I went to their website and tried to unsubscribe but I still get shit. argh.
But I don't get mad. I get even. :devil: Fuck spam. Never order there unless you like spam.

nafnikufesin said:
NEVER do this! "Unsubcribing" just lets them know that they've reached a live email address, so if anything, it usually increases spam.

I'm aware of this with those companies nobody has heard of, but I thought with a real company like Target it wouldn't be the case. Perhaps I thought wrong.
ThraxDude said:
I'll join in your Target online boycott!!:devil:

Though I doubt very many people here were planning on ordering from Target online.

Though every time I search for something on amazon, they show the top-selling items of amazon, and the #1 is always clean underwear from Target, so who knows?
This reminds me of the junk mail trick:
When you get junk mail with a "No Postage Necessary" envelope, put other junk mail in that envelope and send it back.