The last rap song I have heard was this Missy Elliot song on tv. I have never heard such annoying crap before. I can't figure out what is to like about rap.
you can tell outkast has musical talent lacking in just about every other rap group. they sing, have live instruments, and cool instrumental moments. i actually heard they started as a jazz group, but i don't know how true that is.
I don't really care if they can play or sing or whatever. If you use your talent to make bad music (my opinon) then it wouldn't make any difference to me if you didn't have any talent at all.

And Svenske Kocken. Fattaru? Seriously dude, you disappoint me, but hey! it's your choice.

Oh well. I probably listen to a lot of music you don't like.

I try respect people no matter how different they are from me, because the contrast between you and me is what makes our personalities personal. If the whole world would agree on everything, the earth would be a pretty boring place.
Ok here's an idea -

What if Opeth did a rap song, just for fun? Not a cover, an original song.... Do you think it would be good?

And please don't reply saying "mikael would never do that"
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by far the best thing going i rap. i love these guys, and i usually hate rap! waddya think?

I think it's totally cool. I'm not a fan personally but my gf loves them and I've heard lots of it and it's so far ahead of all other hip-hop I've heard that it makes the others (ie. P-Diddy) look bad. I think Outkast are by far the most talented hip-hop group ever and those guys are very very good at what they do, even though it doesn't do much for me personally I appreciate them very much. They've got the rhythm, unlike P-Diddy, which is what people generally think about when they think "rap".


I have some old friends who freestyle rap, and I know how hard that can be. I have a lot of respect for someone who can make up lyrics on the spot, have them rhyme, and match the provided beat. (A sidebar to that: Galder made up all the lyrics to Old Man's Child's album Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion in the studio..)

To my knowledge, Outkast has a strong funk background. Their songs don't displease me nearly as much as gangsta-rap or pop-rap (I consider P. Diddler pop-rap), but once I found out that they use as much profanity as any other rappers, I was a little dismayed. I had hoped they'd be the salvation of rap, really. A band with talent and integrity, it seems. And nifty videos at that (The Mrs. Jackson video is hilarious).

But, it seems they've gone the way all those before have. I think a major problem people have with rap is that they use simile, not metaphor in their lyrics. Lots of rap will refer to things like "And she was hairy like Chewbacca" or "Busted his ass like a cheap light bulb" (not verbatim examples)..where..let's say..metal would use more metaphor.. "The Twilight is my Robe", etc.

Just my $0.02. enjoy.

ooh, Satori, you forgot to tell that there is no god ;)