Poll: Favorite artwork to grace a 2005 disc

What band had the best CD cover art for a 2005 release?

  • Helloween - Keepers/Legacy

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  • Helloween - Mrs. God (single)

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  • Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine

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  • Hammerfall - Chapter V

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  • Opeth - Ghost Reveries

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  • Shadow Gallery - Room V

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Yeah, Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night was 2004.

If you're just talking about cover artwork, then my favorite would have to be Midnattsol - Where Twilight Dwells. But if you're talking about complete album artwork, then the special limited edition of Demons & Wizards - Touched by the Crimson King, which folds out in all four directions with awesome extra artwork, takes the cake.
MadeInNewJersey said:
You're most likely right, but I think you really have to draw a line in the sand. We live in an era where info is available instantly, and if something exists on the planet, it can be had within days or weeks.

So...if an album comes out in late 2004 in Europe and not until February 2005 in the U.S., it can still be purchased at a normal price in 2004. Thus, not a 2005 release. That's just me though.

Agreed with Mark!
Where is the fantastic "Cloudscape" cover?? That´s the nicest cover of 2005 but, since it ain´t listed I had to vote for Kamelot instead which is nice also.
MadeInNewJersey said:
I been around, I been around. How have you been Milton? Still up in CT?

Like usual! We gotta meet up for some drinks at one of the upcoming shows around NY. Coming to any of them?
Mmmm...not sure, but I'd of course like to. I'm debating hitting up Nile & Hypocrisy on Feb 6th, I think that's the next one for me since I'll be out of town and missing Sonata on the 18th. Bah.
I can't vote. All of the choices are amazing. Although Sonata and Angra were released in 2004, they deserve to be a part of it due to their American release dates and what damage they did to our country with their mind numbing performances, haha! My choice would probably be between those 2, Pagan's Mind and Opeth. All the artworks match the accompanying music perfectly, truly making each release a work of art. Cheers!