Printing drum samples question

Hey guys here's a quick suggestion for Pro Tools users running SSD4. As you might know Pro Tools only allows 8 virtual inputs from an instrument track which is not enough for each kit piece in SSD4, I simply pan any mono source (kick, snare top and bottom, toms, cymbal spots) hard left and right, then print, then split the stereo tracks to mono so I can print everything out in one pass.

That's pretty interesting! I never would have thought to do that, I'd figure there'd have to be some kind of artifacts of one instrument bleeding into the other but I guess hard panning alleviates it
Yeah, that's if you're JUST MIXING through separate tracks. If you're PRINTING, YOU DON"T NEED THE DAMN AUX's!!!!!!

Although, it certainly won't hurt anything to have them in there before the audio tracks. if you wanted to route them to auxs, then mix and process or whatever, THEN print, you could. but even then I'd probably print the raw samples so I wasn't married to processing. Yeah any way I think of it, if you're PRINTING, aux tracks are useless.

You mean like completing the entire mix without printing the drums? That sounds crazy to me. I would think by the end of a mix the CPU would be maxed out
ah right, forgot about that you don't even need to assign it to busses cause it's in the "plug in" section when selecting an input.
Yeah, no need for auxes or busses at all in that scenario then.

Maybe the issues I had was that I had it on audio tracks with plugins and delay comensation, and then tried to record it and it was off. Really don't know anymore, I do all the midi drum stuff in cubase still.