problem with Cuniberti Reamp, help requested!


Producer / Engineer
Apr 16, 2006
Hey guys,

I need some help with the Cuniberti reamp as I’m not getting the results I want.

When I reamp- the gain is noticably a lot lower. John Cuniberti says a setting of 5 should be ok in a normal setup, but I find my setting to be around 8.5 and sounding way less thick than the original signal when I plug my guitar straight into the amp.

Here is the signal chain:

Guitar (Gibson Les Paul Studio passive pickups)-> Countryman 85 DI -> Presonus Firepod (DI recorded between -5 and -3 as suggested by many of you)


Presonus firepod TRS balanced Lineout -> Reamp input (I use a balanced XLR-JACK cable for this as required) and normal guitar cable from Reamp output to Amp input.

As I said, when I record this the gain is much lower than when I plug my guitar. What could be the problem? The DI track is selected as mono out in cubase (so the panning function is disabled).

Anybody have any suggestions?
Would be great!

It's probably nothing wrong with your Reamp. The Firepod outputs are a bit quiet. The inputs are decent, but I think they really cheaped out with the outputs. I had enough problems with the Firepod and outboard gear that I upgraded to an RME Fireface 800 and didn't look back.
Well first off, IME the output should always be maxed; having used two interfaces to re-amp (granted, both Mackie Onyxes, but the $200 Satellite and formerly $800 400F) my experience has been that the output level has to be maxed on my Redeye (and pad disengaged) to get the amp gain/saturation from DI's peaking at around -3 to match a guitar plugged directly in (and the output of the Cuniberti at max and the Redeye maxed with the pad disengaged are identical, as I found with my re-amp box shootout). So yeah, turn it all the way up dude, it's passive so it's not like you're adding gain, just not taking as much of it away, and furthermore, since it's passive, turning it down somewhat castrates the signal by lowering the impedance (like a guitar volume pot). If you still need more gain, the best bet is to raise the fader of the DI track in your DAW!