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May 2, 2001
Tel-Mond, Israel
i've been looking into progressive rock for some time now, and i must say there's some bands in that genre that should bring joy to all Opethians, bands like Yes (someone here once said that they are definately the most progressive band ever, only after hearing them i could realize what that means), Devil Doll, GYBE!, Frank Zappa, Camel (The Snow Goose is phenomenal), Pink Floyd (not all of their stuff... but the title track of Atom Heart Mother is amazing), Anglagard, Sinkadus, The Flower Kings, Anekdoten... that's pretty much what i've got to listen to by now.

any other recommendations in the field of prog rock? i know i still have to check out some of the classic bands (King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Jethro Tull, etc.), and i heard of this band called Landberk, any idea where i could listen to some of their material (as all of my file sharing applications refuse to work)?
What about spocks beard and erik norlander (admittedly I only have a few songs, but they're all good :)) I just got the snow goose, and it is damn good! But if I listened to it without knowing it was Camel I would have called it classical music! And Pink Floyd are wonderfull :)
I'm a big Frank Zappa fan - I could spin off numerous recommendations from his catalogue alone.

I'm just beginning to get into progrock stuff, after reading time and again how big an influence they are upon the bands I like, such as Opeth (heavily influenced by Camel) Dan Swano (Rush, Genesis, Kansas influences) and the like.

At a garage sale, I recently picked up a bunch of vinyl which included "The Yes Album" and Yes's "Fragile", as well as Rush's "2112", Genesis's "Invisible Touch", and a few others. Of course, I don't have a record player, there's one downstairs, but I can't get at it that often.

I've also heard King Crimson's "In the court of the crimson king" once or twice, but don't have a copy.

Which albums, in particular, do the resident prog-heads recommend? Thanks.
You need to get Pain of Salvation. These guys are the "Opeth " of the progressive world for me. A few other suggestions:

Dream Theater
Symphony X
Spiral Architect
Ozric Tentacles
Eternity X

Enjoy the moment.....
-Watchtower: Damn awesome Progressive band.
-Gordian Knot: Progressive... stuff...!
-CYNIC: :headbang: Progressive metal/thrash/jazz/death (check out: 'Textures')
-Echosilence: Damn cool Prog rock. MUCH reccomended.
I like to consider progressive rock not to be the genre of Yes, King Crimson, etc. but rather real "progressive" rock. Music that is pushing the boundaries of today's rock.

In that case, I look in particular to Sigur Ros, Naervaer, maudlin of the Well, and Stereolab. The list must be endless of course.

If you want traditional progressive rock, you have to check out 2 German bands from the early 70s: Can and Amon Duul II.
I consider Sigur Ros rock because they're using the traditional rock instruments: drums, bass, guitar, keyboards. Also I think they are closer to rock than to any other genre, the closest I guess would be experimental/noise.

Anyone else going to see them on the tour that began last night?
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Tarkus, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery, and their self-titled are all superb.
Originally posted by justus x
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Tarkus, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery, and their self-titled are all superb.

Keith Emerson - the most under-rated keyboardist I've ever heard. Other like Rick Wakeman were good, but Keith was better.
Originally posted by metalmancpa

Keith Emerson - the most under-rated keyboardist I've ever heard. Other like Rick Wakeman were good, but Keith was better.

Yeah, he was great, definitely in my top five. He was like the Jimi Hendrix of the keys, kinda noisy and a lot of bum notes, but still sounded cool as hell.
Some things I would check out are:

Jangli Jaggas- all keyboard, black metal, video game music (like castlevania music! :loco: its cool!)


Liquid Tension Experiment (members of Dream Theater, great instrumental metal)

Pfm (stands for something in italian.... :confused: )

Along with many others already mentioned.

Oh yeah Demonspell I look to your website quite often for suggestions so I just thought I would let you know. I really appreciate the work you put into it, seems like you don't get much thanks..
Hey Onan, if you're into older prog rock(yes,camel, ect.), then you denfinitely need to check out Rush. They are probably the most important band in the genre. I recomend starting with 2112.

And for the people who are talking about newer bands, I also highly recomend Pain of Salvation.
Thank you Morningrise...tried to write a new installment today, I had a good idea of what bands I was going to include but I'm still far too overwhelme by the terrifying enormity and frightening proximity of the WTC disaster to fully concentrate. Will try again tomorrow and/or Friday...
Now, for some real progressive music, check out :

Magma - they basically invented their style of music, and it's really unlike anything else in the whole music world. Begin with the album "Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh"

Henry Cow - this is very difficult music, but very beautiful ! Sort of a contemporary classical + free jazz + avant-garde hybrid. The album "Western Culture" would be my suggestion.

and, finally...

Univers Zero - an awesome band, the only thing that connects them with rock music is the usage of drums and bass, but in a very odd and original way ! The other instruments are violin, bassoon, oboe, piano etc. The music is probably the darkest and most sinister on the planet. The best albums are "Heresie" and "Ceux du Dehors".

And be careful with the proog-metal and neo-proog suggestions like spock's beard etc - there's a lot of cheese and saccharine in there...

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