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Onan, if you like anekdoten and anglagard, You must check out Sinkadus and TrephineMD!!! Sinkadus is in the same vein as the above, but heavier, more twisted, and much cooler!!
Hey Onan, I don't know where to buy the CD's I havnt looked.. I JUST got into them and only have mp3's :( I will let you know if I find anything...
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>>Univers Zero

Interesting mention, I know this band is often mentioned by progressive rock fans, but I can't figure out why!? To me, it's dark classical music, nothing rock about it. I've only heard the "Heresie" album however.

Mulholand, why would you categorize them as prog rock?

Have you ever heard of Heldon?

Well, it's not really classical in structure, they use repetitive riffs. The instrumentation may be classical. Univers Zero is like atonal chamber rock to me. Although the official category for them is RIO = Rock In Opposition.

Who are Heldon, Gotham ? Are they good ?

NP: Univers Zero: UZED
>>Heldon is this weird French electronic/rock hybrid from the mid to late 70's, the same era as Univers Zero. I have their first album and never listen to it but for 70's prog fans looking for serious stuff, this is it.

Cool ! I'll remember the name, thanks.

NP: Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk