Pyramaze - Disciples of the Sun

Ulterium got me too when I had Persuader's "Heathen" up. Fortunately they were very cool about it, and didn't just slap me with a "fuck you, thief!" and a strike. No love lost. Hopefully everyone who heard it will buy many copies of the album! :D
Well ive finally listened to DOTS in full x2/3. All I can say is im speechless, actually no I wont...THIS IS FUCKING INSANELY GOOD!!! Ive never liked the terms of "no throw away tracks" or "no weak moments" etc, cause I believe a true performance should never have any of this. What imo we do have in DOTS are tracks that are all very high quality, inspiring, satisfying and that will shake the metal world if there is any justice. This CD is a TOUR DE FORCE!

Thank you Jacob, Terje (amazing performance) and Jonah, Mort, Toke, Jacob who have sparked and kept our Pyrawarrior hearts beating from the start! Ive been a diehard Pyrawarrior from the beginning like so many of us here and I hope im not sounding too corny with all this shit, but I kind of consider myself a metal snob (good or bad) like the others onboard here. We simply have high expectations. I couldn't be happier in what ive heard DOTS. Id be really bummed out if the next Pyramaze cd didn't include Terje and of course all others. Cheers to Pyramaze!!!
Fuck yea! So far I've heard Fearless and the title track and stoked to hear more.

Once I have money again, I will jam out to this.

With this one can only hope that Pyramaze is now stable *knocks on wood*

I discovered this on Bravewords, even though I am a fan on facebook. As soon as I found out, I came here.
Correction: They get a new FB page? No wonder I was not getting any news. I won't have that problem but I'd rather be on here. I use FB for concert events, not much else.

I missed you guys! So much has changed over the years, but I already love where my life is headed and Pyramaze coming back from the dead is icing on the cake!
Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate you like the new stuff :)



Outstanding playing powerful!

Id have to say my early favorites so far...
-Genetic Process
-When Black Turns To White (this track f'in smokes! Pyramaze at their best imo, really love the guitar / Keys solos and breakdowns in this one)
-Unveil (very reminiscent of Pagan's Mind) ; )
-Battle Of Paridas

So many great moments throughout however.
Ya this is a cool record. It sounds nothing like their early material, but they managed to reinvent themselves as more of a power/prog band with a very dark sound in some of the songs. Vocals are great. It's quite good and I'm happy with it. Not as good as the debut (what is?) but great...probably their second best record. New Cain's Offering is fucking awesome, too...
So Unveiled is far and away my favorite song on the album after about 10 dedicated, focused listens and countless cherry picking of songs. The chorus, those freaking vocals. The N00b stands absolutely tall next to the titans of Barlow and Lance. Absolutely amazing performance across the board. Right up next to it is the title track, when black turns to white... Really the final half of the album I just can't get over how good it is. I'm pretty much always against putting a softer track as the closer, so I'd have out that one elsewhere in the track list. Exposure... Ahhhh I can't choose. So many good songs.
Soooo good indeed. The intro gives me strait up chills as well. I needed to really crank the title track on both the home / car stereo to fully appreciate it... such a perfect powerful song! Terje (with absolutely no offense to the others cause THEY'RE ALL STANDING TALL as ever) is my early lead for MVP on this opus. Really can't believe how much I'm enjoying this cd and how good it really is.
If I had to pick my #1 favourite track on this album (no easy task!), I'd have to say: Back for More!

I think this is a very unique song for Pyra; catchy as fuck chorus with awesome assisting keys/lead guitars, energetic and heavy, and sounds like something that'd go great in a montage as well!* Terje's high vocals really take this fucker up to 11! :kickass:

*I like montages. :D
Good to see you other guys like the album. My copy only arrived two days ago and now I need to give it some more spins before I finally judge...

Current status: I love the intro, it directly gets you into the Pyramood. :) But for me that intro seems to be the best part of the album. Of course, the songs are good, vocals are good... but somehow it won't stick in my mind... maybe that needs some more spins only. Terej does a great job, but I am not sure I can listen to his voice over and over and over and over and over again, like on the first three albums with Lance and Matt.

So, back to listening now. :)
I Well, I can definitely listen to Terje over and over and over again lol. I get its new and not being too over-reactive. I love Lance and LOTBC to this day is still my all time fave cd. That said, Terje matches Lance and then some and never been a huge Barlow fan at all. Great material on Immortal but not a good vocal fit imo.

Totally respect and get those who may prefer Lance and Matts efforts in the band over Terje. Terje however has managed to capture a catchy chorus as good as anyone I've ever heard period! Credit to those writing and crafting the songs...the ultimate support team around Terje, but in the end he totally delivers!
wow! I haven't posted on here in... years? It's cool to see that the most diehard of Pyrafans are still on here contributing. It was weird to finally read all of these positive comments about the new record this late in the game (it's almost October and it came out in May) Thank you all for your kind words!
To be honest, I kind of forgot about this forum, given the invention of facebook in the last decade ;)
This is very humbling and nostalgic for me. You guys are fucking awesome!

And lol at my avatar!
How it do, Jonah? :wave: Thanks for sticking it out and releasing a great album!

I'm too old school for Facebook but I do read up on a few bands' pages from time to time.. :D