Question about firepod?


Contagious Destruction
Dec 31, 2006
Everybody says that the firepod is awesome!! I own one it is good. But? you can only run outboard effects on channels one and two. I run a DBX compressor through it and i read the manual and thats all it can do for using other processors is chanels one and two only and there is 8 multitrack inputs? It dont explain what the TRS outputs on each chanel are for, i dont get any signal out of them. Unless im misundestaning the whole thing. Please explain? If this is the case im gonna have to sell my firepod cause i need solo tracks with compression. Thanks ( Alesis multimix16? That does record seperate multimix tracks NO? I know the pres arent as good :zombie:
ha, there is no reason for you to sell your firepod for a shitty thing like the alesis unit, the firepod pisses on that thing. Why are you using outboard compression anyway? Are you doing that before the signal hits the computer, or just for mixing? There are plenty of great compression plugins that can do just as good of job. Also are you saying that you need compression on each indidvidual track? If so outboard compression is not the best way, get plug-ins man, it makes life so much easier.
A little outboard compression adds more headroom. I can get a little bit of a hotter signal using a little outboard compression. I use plugins those do work great. But when you have different hits and it distorts sometimes you cant get the peak distortion out of the sound. Once its there its there. We all no that. Me being the drummer and the engineer i found that adding a little outboard before the mix i dont have to play and think " i hope that wasnt so hard it peaked" It makes things sound a little smoother as well i think. I really dont record a lot LOT but i was looking at the waves musician bundle and a mackie firewire 1640. I dont have the cash but i know it will be something i wont worry about later.