question for Ryan


Dec 18, 2003
yo man, whatsup?? I'm about to record a few CDs this summer, and i was listening to Oniric Metal in the car the other day (rather loud) and i noticed that the bass drum sound u get really sticks out. it has such a great presence and so much bass, it was making my rear-view mirror shake. now that is partly from how loud i had it, but good god that is one helluva bass drum sound u get. im wondering, do you trigger it, compress it, or just throw a mic on it and kick the shit out of it? it sounded like that when i saw you with Devin on that tour a few weeks ago with Opeth and Dark Tranquility, altho everything was so loud it blended real well and still had that unique sound. what kind of set are you using? whatever it is, it sounds great and i cant wait to hear more. :headbang: