Questions for Blakkheim

I could be wrong...

I think Blakkheim and Jonas expiriment and the rest of the band are probably just occasional drinkers. Blakkheim sounds high when he writes, but is a competent enough guitarist where it's positive for him. I drink,smoke cigs,smoke pot, and do pills and have exprimented with other drugs(nothing hardcore) and work full time and consider myself a productive person. I'm not one of those person who has to smoke pot everyday and multiple bowls all the time. I start getting annoyed by people where whenever they meet or hang have to smoke pot all the time and are potheads especially ones who barley work or do not.. I would think if you have habits needing money would compelle you to work your ass off.
probably just some weed.. maybe lsd
i don't think katatonia are the type to try ecstasy hahaha
but funny thing... when i was readying the article in decibel about brave murder day my mother passed by and saw a picture of the band and the conversation went something like
"who are they?"

"katatonia, very talented band"

"they look like heroine addicts!"

I think it is quite safe to say that noone in Katatonia does hardcore drugs or fact I dont think there is a ton of weed smoking either.

They are upstanding Swedish citizens with nothing but the greater interest of the world in mind....and they know that using drugs would promote their young fans to also do drugs.....and ...drugs are bad.

In fact the guys never swear or use foul implications in their speech, nor do they masturbate since that is also an abomination against god since they would be "worshiping" a false "idol" much more ridiculous can I make this.

Seriously hardcore drug use.