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Apr 16, 2001
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I need your help.

I'm laying down the 'solo/harmony' section of Eagles. I remember when I did my ref track that you did not quite think it sounded right. Sadly, I cannot remember your suggestions, nor can I find the email/thread where we discussed it.

If you've got a minute, can you jot down how you would record the harmony sections after the solo?

I attached the tab I found that I am working off of. Its not quite right.


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I checked out that tab and it reminded me of what I said about your earlier take. (thanks for posting that for me)

The tab follows down the scale and I don't think they do that exactly.

I recorded myself playing what I thought I heard and made a sample for you to check out. I tabbed it and attached that here.
It's different from my previous bad tab that I posted....
Maybe time off has hurt/helped my ear??? LOL.

I'll send you the mp3 sample to your email.


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