Rank the Black Sabbath Albums

Somebody apparently bootlegged the studio sessions. Pretty interesting when you see just how close Tony Martin remained to the original vocal lines. It also has the following live in San Antonio with Gillen. Songs are Danger Zone, War Pigs, Heart Like A Wheel, Sweet Leaf and Neon Knights. I picked it up on Ebay.

Ray Gillen was an incredible vocalist, I still have the first Badlands on cd and the second one on tape.
What a huge turning point Heaven and Hell was. If anything, it proved that Iommi could play some really stunning and emotional lead work, something he isn't really recognized for. Of course, Dio's writing involvement was probably the most significant change, where some songs were basically a continuation of what Rainbow had already been doing.
Lyricaly, yes, that album is unmistakeably Dio! I haven't heard much from the last three or four Ozzy albums, but listening to Heaven & Hell you can only imagine that it must've, musically, been a great resurgence. I'll bet Iommi was really fired up by the singer transplant and a fresh start.
No one has mentioned Never Say Die! Excellent, Excellent album. I know most hate it, its more rock than metal, etc, etc, but its easily Sabbath's most experimental album. A hard road is strangely one of my favorite songs, even with the repetitive chorus. and the title track is excellent as well.
with ozzy:

Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath
Vol. 4
Black Sabbath
Master of Reality
Never Say Die
Technical Ecstasy

the rest:

Mob Rules
Heaven And Hell
Born Again
Headless Cross
Eternal Idol
don't own the rest
I of course disagree I of the Storm. Although I really dont care who is right or wrong or anything as you are even more stubborn than me.

Anyway after listening to the whole album just a few minutes ago, I say Never Say Die is the most experimental album because 1) its not really metal- whereas technical ecstasy still is 2) the album has horns- yes fucking horns on Breakout 3) It has old school blues in the song Juniors Eyes- like old pre rock blues 4) Never say die has a great punk feel to it 5) Air Dance is very very Jazzy, piano and everything 6) A Hard Road is like a late 60's rock song 7) Johnny blade has a very long jam like solo at the end.

Now I know we have never agreed on a single thing since we have posted. But I ask you to listen to the two albums back to back. Technical started the experimentation, Never Say die was the culmination.