re-amping help required (newb member)


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Jan 29, 2011
hi guys. i hope i have posted in the right section.I am currently producing a band of name musicians on a brand new are all recorded clean with use of a radial d.i box. We have experimented with different sounds and plug-ins to get the right sound but i am feeling that it's not quite right. The desired sound, much like many of us is the contemporary sound you hear on any bullet for my valentine song. What i am finding is in mixes the guitar sound gets slightly too smooth and loses it's original fire.
I have taken a 2 week break from the mixing to see if this situation could be rectified. I am hoping that someone who loves doing this thing, could step forward and offer their expertise.Maybe doing a couple of test re-amps. Obviously as we have no deal until this album completes (i would assume we will get a decent deal, but our game plan is to get finished) so i am looking for ideas, recommendations of people etc. and genuine help
cheers everyone
my personal email is

I suggest posting your files via dropbox here. If anyone wants to give them a whirl, they will, and likely post the resulting tracks.

Being a first time poster, it's a smart idea to not expect people to make that extra step to actually e-mail you to talk. These threads are around for people to communicate in. Nearly everyone here just posts DIs and says "reamp this," etc.
Welcome to the forums! To add to what lolzgreg already said, also keep in mind that the search function is your friend. :)