REAPER, project templates, copy and paste, what is going on???!


Nov 26, 2009
hey guys,
im currently mixing an EP and i've edited all the songs, and i have a good mix of one song, my plan now is to use that mixed song as a template and just copy and paste the other songs in (not sure how strange that is but i don't know a better way to do it). i basically got the mixed song and deleted all the audio and saved it as a template, then i open another project tab, copy and paste the audio in, and walah!. this worked on one song and has in the past no worries.

however, now it wont let me copy and paste audio between projects, i have no idea why, i haven't updated or done anything strange since the first song. does anyone have any ideas??

As i was desperate i tried a few other things, one was saving the project template of the mixed song, then on the unmixed songs 'adding track template, switching to project template, and whacking it in, this copies all the mixed track settings into my project so i can just drag the audio onto the correct track, however random parts of audio in my song are 'offline' just bits here and there.. its stupid. what the hell can i do?
i have had the same problem

I would save a project template (in my case it was superior drummer with multiouts in a bus) and when i would try to open that template, shit wouldnt work, wouldnt route properly and a whole mess of other things.

Maybe this needs to be addressed, email the reaper dudes!
interesting, it's never happened to me before, i also get an 'incorrect header size' error and random parts of the screen dissapear... how does everyone else work like this?

ie. is everyone making templates of a master track and dragging the audio from other songs when mixing?? i need a solution
Hi, I'm using some tracks templates (including some with Superior 2 and multiouts) and I NEVER had any problem yet with these (Reaper 3.52).

I think cannot be of any help right now, but I will look forward to it, as it seems to be a recurring problem everyone should be confronted at.

Anyway, did you try these:

-creating different templates with guitars, drums, bass, vox separatly ?

-creating a template from the whole tracks, but witout any effect (on every track racks, delete every single plugin)

-the same, but only deactivating the effect rack on every track (by clicking right to the FX button, in order to make the button red).

Don't know if it could help, but I would try these for now...

What I do everytime is making templates of every sections (drums, guitars, bass...).

You can try to make FX chains on your racks, it will be a little longer, as you have to do it for every track, but experiment !
i still get this incorrect header size bullshit. fml. adam can you copy and paste between projects (when you have the tab open) i can't all of a sudden and its super annoying and fairly important i get these mixes done asap.
Yeah I can do it fine. Go Options>Shows REAPER Resource path. Now close REAPER and rename that folder to like "REAPER Backup". Reinstall REAPER and it will reinstall with completely fresh preferences and settings. If that works then you are good to go and you know there is a problem with one of your old ini files. If it doesn't work, you can delete the new resource path and rename the old one back to REAPER or whatever and you'll have all your settings back.
I'm sorry I'm no help here, but I've done the same thing as the OP said with copy and paste, but it was sort of a pain.

Just exactly how do you open separate tabs? I was minimizing, then opening another Reaper....which started to slow things down and I'd have to change my ASIO/Device setting each time I wanted to playback in the other window.