Remember Tomorrow

Graveless Soul

Tranquility Personified
Jun 8, 2001
Those unreleased MP3s from the FTP will come in very handy. But does anyone know where I can download a decent quality version of Remember Tomorrow?

I know it's on the MAYH reissue, but I'm sort of against buying re-issues by any band (seeing as I have all the originals anyway and paying another £16 for vitually the same album seems a bit steep).
On that subject though, how much influence do people think that the band themselves had on those re-releases? I reckon it was purely a record company decision (Still Life especially, a pointless release really seeing as it had only been out about a year? OK it was cheaper, but I'd already bought it when it first came out!)

Anyway, help with the MP3 would be most appreciated!:D