I had no idea Salvia could cause hallucinations or whatever, I've always thought of it as a spice for different kinds of foods (meat, tea, tobacco, cheese, beer, etc.). Anyway, I fired up google and came upon a site which has a massive collection of user experiences on all kinds of drugs and stimulants, legal and illegal. It was funny reading "first time experiences on coffee". :lol: /me pours himself another cup of coffee

Here ya go, Erowid Experiences

Salvia you said, eh? :p :loco:

the salvia in your garden isn't hallucinatic!!
thou it's from the same family, it's not the same planet!
the hallucinatic salvia called Salvia Divinorum... it's diffrent from the regualr salvia...

The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center

and no I haven't tried it but I read alot about it...
I want to order it from the internet
(there is this website they sell it there)

so Oyo, did you tried it?