Seasons and Opeth albums...

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May 13, 2002
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Opeth's music has a lot of atmosphere and mood, darkness and depth, to it. So do you think specific Opwth albums "correspond" to certain seasons? ... or are just the best things to listen to during certain seasons?

Orchid = the essence of Autumn.
Blackwater Park, My Arms, Your Hearse, Morningrise = rainy spring & summer days
Deliverance = winter days

... of course, I might just be making personal associations (or going by the album art since I haven't been listening to much Opeth as of late :p ), but it's probobly just because Autumn is here, and so much can be drawn from this season...
I know what you mean. Opeth's music (especially older stuff) evokes a lot of nature imagery. Forests, rain, dead leaves, forests, autumn...
animalstack said:
I know what you mean. Opeth's music (especially older stuff) evokes a lot of nature imagery. Forests, rain, dead leaves, forests, autumn...
Orchid- Winter/Spring
Morningrise- Autumn
MAYH- All year
Still Life- Late summer
Blackwater Park- Autumn, Winter
Deliverance- Winter, Autumn, maybe Summer
Damnation- any or Summer.
i posted a topic about this... must be around 2 years ago now, but about the cover artwork. They all seem to convey different seasons...

Orchid: Spring (flowers and stuff)
Morningrise: Spring as well
MAYH: Autumn
Still Life: Summer
BWP: Winter

and then D1 and D2 came out and broke the pattern :p
I'd definitly say that Orchid is spring. If the cover doesnt give that away enough, it becomes pretty clear through the totaly lush music.
I agree with the seasons thing definetly. I also have this wierd thing that certain Opeth songs/albums I enjoy more at night.

Hello by the way, I'm new here, I finally decided to give the Opeth forum a try!
cool, welcome.

i can for sure see the correlation; for me....
still life=summer
bwp, d1, d2=winter

interesting that a metal band would have so many albums i would associate with "happy" seasons (spring/summer) but the imagery is just there
For me i tend to associate a cd with the time period i first bought and listened to it.. For example i got Still Life in the beginning of summer and now whenever its that time period it reminds of still life and vice versa. As for fall, the cd that evokes the most vivid memories of that season is definetly Type O Negative - World Coming Down, i remember listening to that for like 2 months strait one fall.
In general Opeth reminds me more of the transitional seasons... Spring and Autumn. I relate it more to a dynamic thing than a permanent state of being... if that makes any sense whatsoever (don't think I can phrase it any better).
Thanks for the welcomes, and I agree with moonlapse that Spring and Autumn are the seasons that I'm most reminded of, but BWP leaves winter imagery without a doubt.
mysweetdeath said:
Damnation- any or Summer.

but summer is miles and miles away.... :Spin:
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