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Feb 1, 2006
Saskatchewan, Canada
Please don't rip me for asking but I have a couple questions for the more experienced Opeth fans on this forum. I'm still relatively new to Opeth's music and I get my first chance to see them in March.

I've read a couple times on this forum that Opeth usually plays the same set of songs for the majority of their tour. I'm wondering if someone can confirm this for me? Are there cetain songs that are staples in their setlists? Also, does anyone know of a website that tracks their setlists from show to show?

Your help is appreciated.
Well you can always expect the unexpected with Opeth...:Spin: ...expect about 3 new songs, 2 from 'MAYH', 2 from Still Life, 1 or 2 from BWP, and 1 or 2 from deliverance/dammnation and 1 oldie from Orchid/Morningrise. + loads mikes cheeky banter inbetween, Opeth = the perfect night out!
they change 1 or 2 songs throughout the tour usually on a 1 2 1 2 type rotation.

previously, Demon of the Fall was always the encore. now it may not always be at every show, since they have closed with Deliverance some days on the last tour.

because of the new album, expect The Grand Conjuration and Ghost of Perdition at some point. other songs from the new album may also be played, previously there was Baying of the Hounds.
I hope they play Reverie/Harlequin Forest. Best song on the new album IMO. anyone know if they've played it yet?
pity, that song is fucking amazing. The intro and Ending are like sonic adrenaline, it's crazy. The acoustic jam halfway through is great also. I hope they play it live sometime.
Welcome to the board !

Europe in December 2005:

01- Ghost Of Perdition
02- When
03- White Cluster
04- Closure
05- Bleak
06- The Grand Conjuration
07- Under The Weeping Moon
08- Baying Of The Hounds
09- A Fair Judgement
10- Deliverance

In Canada / USA, since there is 2 opening bands instead of 1, expect them to drop 1 song and maybe they will switch 1 or 2 songs like they did the last time around.

Enjoy the show !
When I saw them in December 2005, I was hoping they'd play Master's Apprentices....they didn't:(

Still, brilliant show!
Thanks for everyone's response. That setlist from Europe last year looks amazing. Do they ever pull off Serenity Painted Death anymore or are they through with that song??

I'm really hoping they play SPD and R/H Forest, but really, every song they play is going to be brand new being this is the first time I'm seeing them live.

If you had a say in the matter, what would be the one song you'd like to hear Opeth play the next time you get to see them live??