So is it over?


New Metal Member
Mar 11, 2011
Was The Blue the final Novembre offering?

Damn shame if so. An incredible band that even a lot of the most schooled metal fans never got to enjoy.
Looking at Novembre page they are quite popular yet, obviously not as popular as they deserve but... well, I miss them too
As much of a bummer as it is if they stopped with Novembre, I hope they at least continue with other groups like they have been doing. They're truly talented musicians. If they had that damn tour with Paradise Lost, they'd be swimming in success
Stop putting your Assumption nose in Novembre's inside, Enjoy the Divine music. NOVEMBRE IS MUSIC, ENJOY THE MUSIC.
Bring on the new album NOVEMBRE! I demand
It's never over, ye of little faith. Novembre shall always be making music and touching our souls!