Some reviews...


Apr 14, 2001
I bought a bunch of stuff and heres a couple of reviews :D

Judas Priest DVD: This ones great, they have footage of the soundcheck and they play Machine Man and Lost And Found from Demolition and they sound unreal, maybe that album isnt as bad as I thought, though those 2 are my favourites from that album, but they still rock :D
(Though then they dont play them during the concert. Bit weird that. The songs I mean, not the guitars).
Ripper does a great job, though im sure noones surprised there, except on Painkiller, he doesnt sing it screaming like Rob does (and how it SHOULD be done!) he just sings it in a normal low voice for the most part.

Spawnys patented crowd review

The crowd is quite good! They do lots of heys and stuff during the songs, and they even sing along to some of them, choruses AND sometimes verses, they are no RIR but they are quite acceptable, they tried, and thats all I ever ask :)

The extras are soundcheck footage and a short film of them showing you the tour bus, interviews and backstage footage. I really liked the soundcheck footage, more bands should do that on their dvds.

Def Leppard - X: I love Def Leppard. Im really not sure what happened here, but I think someone has replaced Joe and the boys with Nsync and The Backstreet Boys.
You guys think this is a joke, but im NOT KIDDING. Heres some sample lyrics, and I promise im not making them up.

"Everyday, without you in my heart
Everyday, Im falling apart
And I know, you know, I think about you everyday"

"Had your name all tattooed on my heart
Cause God, how could this be wrong?"

"Boy meets girl in prime of life
Blinded by big city lights
Im on fire and you're the flame
You inspire the road I take
You take me to a better place
You're the sun and Im the rain"

Now come on, thats just inane stuff.

All the songs are about pretty much the same thing (wanting to know you better, wanting to love you, being in love, loving knowing you and knowing you and loving you), and they all sound pretty much the same. The actual SONGS arent that bad, Def Leppard have always been able to write a catchy tune, but ask yourself this "How many Nysnc albums do I own" if you answered more than zero, I think you will enjoy it.

I didnt like Slang much at first and I came to love that album, so maybe that will happen here. I doubt it though, because Slang is very varied whereas this is the same song 13 times.

Im interested to hear Spiffys side, as he quite likes this album and we should probably have a differing viewpoint so you can make up your minds before buying it :)
You missed a hell of a show then! *Shakes head at young Spawny*

You need a good spanking for that error....

(No, that is not meant to be sleazy, kinky, or a gay pickup line in any way) :lol: :lol: ;) :p
On a more serious note....

If even you, the man who loves Slang, Euphoria, Retroactive, These Days, Ultraphobic, and other such crap albums, thinks that the new Def Leppard is really bad and way too pop, I'm now more convinced than ever that I shouldn't bother with it!
Its not that its really bad, its just Nsync with a tiny bit of distorted guitar. It might grow on me though maybe...
Hey bud, how's it hangin'?

X rocks. You're So Beautiful is a brilliant song. Long Long Way To Go is the best ballad ever recorded. Kiss The Day one of the best album-closers ever. X is brilliant. It is the epitome of rock. All other bands should just call it a day, because they'll never top it.

Please note that I may have exaggerated slightly in the above paragraph. :D
:lol: I like Now the most, when the guitar bit comes in on the second verse, that sounds cool I think.
Yeah, I noticed that. It's quite sad that someone who wasn't even born then (or so it feels sometimes, considering some of the rubbish he comes out with) can't get out of that particular decade.
Hey I like stuff from 1990 and 1991 too! ;) :lol:

I don't care though, if it makes me happy that's all that matters. I don't have to please anyone with what I listen to :D