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..they play Machine Man and Lost And Found from Demolition and they sound unreal, maybe that album isnt as bad as I thought

It's not. It's very enjoyable.

Painkiller, he doesnt sing it screaming like Rob does (and how it SHOULD be done!) he just sings it in a normal low voice for the most part.

Well I'm not sure how well Halford sings it live either.
They said it in the magazine! You even saw it yourself! :D :)

What other shit have I come up with? :confused: ;)
Im listening to X again today, and it doesnt seem as bad, I still think there should be a warning sticker on it "If you listen to this, your balls will pack up and leave".

They shouldnt have been allowed to put the Def Leppard name on the front either, im thinking of suing them for ownership of the name as the poor bastards have obviously forgotten that an album of ballads and love is for Michael Bolton, not Def Leppard.

Still, I guess the songs are ok. In a "gets stuck in your head and you cant get it out" way.

Best song is Now, *extremely* good one that, but then you get 12 imitations afterwards :D
I've killed people for less than that, Spawny. :mad:

You make it sound like Def Leppard have never recorded albums chock-full of soppy songs! Personally I don't really pay much attention to the lyrics, even though I sing along with them. If the songs sound good, then they ARE good, regardless of whether or not they're all lovey-dovey.